How to design an interface

  • November 17, 2019

Have you ever encountered a problem when after launching a new product (website or application) the user cannot interact effectively with it? It is difficult for the user to figure out how it works and what it is for.

Dova Management experts emphasize that it happens because, in the process of creating mobile applications or web resources, designers do not communicate with the real consumer of the product, but come up with / represent the characters and their needs. But the problem can easily be solved.

First of all, listening to users is a key skill in designing Android and iOS app designs. Why is it worth doing? Starting a project, you act blindly. But you have an idea, developing which you gradually understand what the product should be, how it should look. But a year later, the launched new program does not live up to expectations and does not go public. Users download the application or go to the site, but do not understand its purpose, do not find the necessary functions. Only now the designer begins to study the behavior of the audience, change the algorithm of the program. And wasting time/money again.

Investigate user behavior before coding and starting a project. Here are some easy tips.

  • Collect real stories

Before you start developing for android, add unusual features and special functions to the program, collect real stories of the people you selected.

Record real user stories:

  • Who are they?

  • What are their needs?

  • How many children do they have?

  • Is there a car, a house?

  • What web products and how to use?

Always contact real people, ask them questions during the design process.

Come up with a new feature for the program – ask users about it

Three questions for your real users from Dova Management experts to help you understand whether it is worth spending time drawing a new chip in ios developments:

  1. Who are your users, who do they work with?

  2. Why do they use the product?

  3. Why do they need a new program property?

In response, you will receive real stories demonstrating how a particular function is used. Let there be 10-20 such specific and real stories. Hang key phrases on the wall and keep them in front of your eyes when creating a design.

How to test the product: three testing methods

During the creation of mobile applications, you can test both an existing product and a drawn layout. It is important to get feedback and understand whether you are moving in the right direction or not.

1) Discovery Method

The essence of the approach is to track the scenario of the first human interaction with your product. It helps you find out if users understand your product or new feature.

How does it work:

The user gets acquainted with the product, and the designer observes how the test participant understands it:

  • whether it will go through the scenarios specified by the developer;

  • will find key features.

The designer does not interfere with the testing process. Release the user into independent research, allow him to “get lost” and do not prompt anything.

2) Features method

It consists of checking specific features. Ask people to take specific actions in your product:

  • find a function;

  • order service;

  • change personal page, etc.

Will they be able to do this quickly, easily, intuitively? Before the interview, make a list of everything the user needs to do.

3) Discoveries + features.

Combining these two methods is effective. Allow users to figure it out on their own, don’t say anything, then give assignments and ask.

Give instructions. It is important that test participants understand:

  • There are no right or wrong actions. They just do as they see fit.

  • They can criticize, because it is important for you to improve the product.

  • They should think out loud, tell what they want to do and how they feel.

  • The screen image of the device and sound will be recorded.

What are you doing at this time:

  • Don’t be obsessive and give users the choice.

  • Did something wrong? Ask why they did it (don’t think it over, just find out the answer!)

  • Go from general questions to narrow ones.

  • Explain the incomprehensible.

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