How to easily communicate with a client online?

  • April 9, 2021

To be successful, any company must maintain all available means of communication to please every client in order not to miss the client.

Today clients want to contact companies through the same tools that they use to communicate in everyday life and which they like. If you usually communicate with friends and family on Facebook, then it is likely that you will also want to order pizza via Facebook.

The communication channel depends on the context in which the client is currently located. If he sits at the workplace and at the same time orders diapers for the child, he is unlikely to do it over the phone. Most likely, he will write via chat or messenger. And vice versa, it will be more convenient for the client to call if he is driving at the time of the call. And if he suddenly runs out of balance on his phone, then the best option would be to order a callback. This is complicated by the fact that clients move from one channel to another when the context changes.

For a positive user experience, any business should try to do the following:

  • Give the client a choice of all existing communication channels: chat on the website, social networks or instant messengers, call back. The client will choose the channel that is more convenient for him and that matches his current context.

  • All calls from the same client through different channels should be “glued” on your side into one correspondence history so that you are always aware of the previous communication and quickly navigate.

  • Don’t make the client wait long and get annoyed – answer quickly and to the point.

How to build a chain of communication online

It is important to understand that the communication of your business with the client begins even before he contacts you: calls or writes. When a visitor lands on your site, he sees certain content: headers, texts, images. This means that the first stage of communication is already underway. Can you improve it to increase conversion at this stage? That is, to put it simply, so that more site visitors turn to you? The answer is yes. This can be achieved in 3 steps.

1. Personalize website content

Show each visitor a personalized text on the site, taking into account the search phrase by which he came to you or other parameters, for example,

 the region. Replace the titles and texts on the pages to make them exactly fit his needs.

2. Use hooks

Hooks are pop-up notifications with text that appear next to the online consultant icon and engage the visitor in a conversation. The hook text also needs to be personalized according to the search query, region, and other parameters. A simple “I’m in touch, write” is not just boring, but also less effective.

3. Pop-ups

Yes, they annoy users. But sometimes a popup is your last chance to convert a website visitor into a lead. Show pop-ups to those who leave the

site without completing the targeted action: order, request, chat. They can be offered a special offer, which will also be personalized by parameters. The pop-up is best used with caut

ion: to show to those who fall asleep or leave

Show the window to those who are on the site, but do not perform any action for several minutes. They should be reminded why they came to your site, and offer to tell everything faster over the phone.

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