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We’ve based our product on design principles, but also on a predefined set of rules and guidelines that define a brand identity. We made different materials such as banners, emails, and pictures for posts of client’s company. Branding design focuses on the conception, creation and enforcement of a visual identity of a certain company, product or service, hence helping viewers form an impression of its brand.

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The importance of branding design is immense, because it serves as a base for any and every marketing campaign, ad, lead generation project, anything that might be used as a marketing tool in the future by that company.

We boosted Marketing Campaign ROI with responsive & high-converting Email Templates. At Dova, we deliver professionally hand-coded, cross-platform compatible & mobile-responsive email templates.

We provided our client with 10+ banner design ideas. One of them has become irreplaceable for his business.

We used visual content for digital marketing efforts in social media. This included professional images, gifs, videos, animations.
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