Pros and cons of being a programmer

  • July 7, 2022

Being a programmer is one of the most popular occupations nowadays. There are great opportunities for career growth, decent salaries, the ability to develop important and useful programs, and comfortable working conditions. This is a non-exhaustive list of benefits of working as a programmer. Let’s consider in more detail what is this profession, as well as its pros and cons.

Categories of specialization of programmers

First of all, programmers can be divided according to their specialization – the tasks they solve and only then highlight the gradation of programming languages: Java </a>, Python, or another language.

Specializations in programming:

Applied. Provides for the development of programs to solve problems of an applied nature: accounting systems, games, messengers, programs for security systems and other similar projects.

Systematic. Specialists in this field develop programs that interact directly with the components of the computer network. These are developers of operating systems, and database management programs.

Web. Specialists in web-programming work with programs that can operate within the Internet. These are all kinds of sites, applications, and interfaces for working with databases and other projects.

Each of these areas has its own set of tasks and programming languages.

Features of the profession

To successfully master the profession of a programmer you need to have an analytical mind, the desire to constantly solve complex logical problems, an interest in new technologies and skills in learning English.

Pros of the profession:

    • high demand for specialists in the labor market;
    • decent pay for the work of a programmer;
    • constant development in their field;
    • ability to work remotely;
    • the development of technical progress gives confidence that the profession of a programmer is not threatened by moral obsolescence.


    • the profession is not suitable for everyone, and not everyone can learn the chosen programming language;
    • the work takes a lot of time and effort, the written code does not always work correctly the first time, and requires long and painstaking debugging;
    • development tools change regularly, so continuous learning is needed;
    • if you do not like to sit at the computer 8-10 hours a day, this profession will not stay long;
    • a good level of English language proficiency is required to read technical literature and learn a programming language, so language skills are required.

Demand for programmers in the labor market

Such specialists are very popular worldwide. More and more areas are connecting with IT technologies: self-governing machines, robots that will replace people in many industries, and new gadgets. And it is programmers who are moving these areas forward.

You can already try yourself in the profession of a programmer with the help of freelance exchange platforms. Here, customers place their projects, and contractors offer development services. You can choose the task you prefer, and the service will make sure that your interaction with the customer is as simple as possible.

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