The most popular programming languages in 2022

  • March 1, 2022


This is perhaps the most relevant programming language today, you can program almost anything on it, from ordinary programs to neural networks. A big plus of this language can still be considered its simplicity, it is very simple, especially if you have already learned any other programming language, but even if you have not learned it, it will still be very easy.

Python is a scripting programming language. It is universal; therefore, it is suitable for solving various tasks and many platforms, from iOS and Android to server OS. Is it worth learning Python in 2022? Of course – yes! Once you start learning it, you will be a relevant specialist for a long time to come.


This programming language is very popular because you can program anything with its help, from the front-end on the site to the back-end and microcontrollers, it is quite simple, although it has its own oddities compared to other languages.

The core of the JavaScript language consists of many common features that allow you to do the following:

  • Store data inside variables. In the example above, for example, we asked for a new name to be entered, then stored the name in the name variable.
  • Operations on fragments of texts.
  • Run code according to certain events occurring on the web page.



This language has been the number one programming language in popularity for a very long time, and its cross-platform will be its big plus, but its minus, in my opinion, is not a very beautiful code and in general, it is quite complicated.

Java implements a memory management mechanism called ‘the garbage collector’. The developer creates the objects, and the JRE uses the garbage collector to clean up the memory when the objects are no longer used.

Many web applications are written in Java. Popular frameworks, including Spring, Stuts, JSP, are used to create various applications on the web: from e-commerce projects to large portals, from educational platforms to government resources.


A popular programming language and is suitable for those who want to work with Windows, and in general, with Microsoft products, it is also suitable for those who want to develop computer games, if you learn it, you can develop games on Unity 3D engine.

C# is an object-oriented language, but it also supports component-oriented programming. The development of modern applications is increasingly gravitating towards the creation of software components in the form of stand-alone and self-describing packages that implement individual functionality. An important feature of such components is the programming model based on properties, methods, and events.


It is also a very popular programming language for back-end development, of course, you can do it in Python, but PHP is easier, you can make your own blog in just two or three weeks of study, plus it is more in demand for freelancing.

The frameworks are quite scattered – there are many of them, there is no clear leader, so the number of developers on a single PHP framework can be significantly lower than the number of developers on the same Ruby on Rails (although the Ruby programming language itself is much less common than PHP).

Also, the language itself has a fairly large number of shortcomings that manifest themselves when developing complex solutions. In many ways, these shortcomings are a consequence of the evolutionary development of PHP and backward compatibility.



If you don’t like Java, but want to develop for Android, then you should definitely study Kotlin, because for mobile development it is even more suitable than Java, and in general, it is faster and easier.

The scope of Kotlin is wide:

  • mobile applications for Android and iOS, including cross-platform ones;
  • web applications (both the server part and the interface);
  • desktop applications;
  • big data processing software.


Today, it is mainly used to develop Android applications. In 2017, Kotlin received official support from Google, and already in 2019, Google declared Kotlin a priority language for developing Android applications.


This language was invented by Apple in 2014, and it is still quite popular, and if you have a MacBook and iPhone, then you should definitely try to learn this language.

The idea of the language is the following: fewer vulnerabilities and more security for the code itself and the system. The developers proceeded from the fact that the programmer does not have to keep everything in his head and provide for every contingency. Let the computer do it for him. For example, you don’t need to specifically look out for access and memory leaks because Swift takes care of that.

It also protects against errors associated with improper hardware management and from unauthorized access to memory areas that are not involved in the program. Swift also handles regular errors more efficiently than C ++, where each exception must be written manually.

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