The role of content in website promotion

  • June 15, 2020

Creating websites is important but only the first, technical step while attracting the users. The further success of the project directly depends on the content. It is a powerful lever of influence on potential customers, customers, readers, and subscribers.

Content in Website Promotion

Filling the site with content allows you, first of all, to provide guests of your resource with complete information about the project, about goods and services.

Many may ask, “why should I think about it if I can take content from other resources?”. This is especially true for information projects. Of course, you can copy other people’s articles, you can paste links to other people’s videos. But at the same time, you need to be prepared that a reasonable search engine considers your resource at best – low-rated, at worst – applies sanctions and simply blocks it.

Also, a low percentage of uniqueness and uninteresting content will not bring the resource to the top and will not attract visitors. Therefore, high-quality content for the site is one of the most significant guarantees of further success.

In addition to uniqueness, it is important to take into account concepts such as:

  • keywords;

  • SEO optimization;

  • spamming;

  • academic and classic nausea;

  • relinking.

How to fill the site

There is an erroneous opinion that content is a purely textual content of web pages. However, this concept is much broader and multifaceted.

Today, content marketing is represented by such most used categories as text content and media content.

Text content

This category is most famous and familiar to Internet users. Not a single resource will practically do without such filling. Even one that specializes in video or audio content. After all, it is the text that allows you to describe the meaning and purpose of the project, to briefly describe the section, product. In other words, the text allows you to arouse the primary interest of visitors to the resource.

Media content

This category is represented by audio, video, graphic content. This includes pictures, photographs, videos, audio recordings that allow you to sell information, a product, or service in a bright, visual form. This content is especially cost-effective to use for online stores.

This type of content is in demand primarily because of human nature – to read huge volumes of text is a lot of elementary laziness, but to see a few vivid pictures, or a fascinating video clip is already a more interesting lesson. You can even listen to audio recordings without even being “tied” to a computer while driving or in the subway, at work, and in nature.

Where to get content?

If you are a talented author, know how to work perfectly with graphic editors, there is an additional headset – then, of course, you can create site content yourself. But are you really confident in your abilities and that there will be enough time? If there is even a fraction of doubts, then we recommend that you use the results of the work of more experienced people who create unique content. Considering that the source of content on the Internet today is not difficult to find, there is no need to spend your time writing texts.

The best option is the service to order content for the site. To order text content, the copywriting exchange is suitable. You can also use freelance exchanges to order media content. Moreover, today such resources are enough and tens of thousands of freelancers are ready to translate your ideas and wishes into a quality product, at an affordable price. But it is more convenient to apply to specialized resources where specialists or their finished works of only the profile you need are represented. Choosing a copywriting exchange is based on its reputation.

By the way, the need to fill the site with content in a foreign language can be used to further attract customers to any site. Having the opportunity to choose a Russian version for a guest, or, for example, English, will play a positive role for the successful promotion of the project.

We wrote in more detail about how content types work, about useful properties, which one to choose, and examples of resources for ordering different types.

Paying attention to filling the site with unique content, you can create the basis for its successful promotion. But most importantly, success depends not only on your determination and perseverance, but also on your willingness to cooperate. And remember, who did not start, he never achieved anything.

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