Which Companies Need YouTube Ads in 2021

  • April 12, 2021

If you are connected with IT, gaming, or education, you will definitely benefit from video ads on YouTube. An expert from Dova Management shares her tips in this article.
In 2020, brands spent $5 billion on influencer marketing. Today, experts say that the share of the advertising budget for influencer marketing will grow by 15% in 2021. And YouTube plays a key role. In the past six months alone, 27% of all consumers have purchased a product or service driven by recommendations from YouTube creators. No other social network provides such a high conversion rate.
However, should all brands invest in YouTube ads? And for which industries are YouTube ad integrations most effective?

Traditionally, high results and the most effective advertising indicators are observed in the IT industry. Technology is a traditional industry champion. And first of all, we are talking about such products as software, VPN – in a word, this is everything that is usually denoted by the word tech.
The IT industry is a very broad concept that includes many different directions in both the B2B and B2C segments. If you are thinking about influencer marketing, it is worth considering that people are switching from laptops and computers to mobile devices. Finding good, reach channels today, in which the PC segment of views would prevail, is almost impossible.

The second top YouTube space after technology is the gaming sector. In general, over the past year, interest in games has been steadily growing and their piece of the pie on the YouTube advertising market is 20-25%. Of course, quarantine has given additional acceleration to this area. In a situation of closed borders, remote work, self-isolation, the choice of entertainment and pastime is severely limited, which plays into the hands of the gaming sector.
Let’s add the fact that due to the quarantine situation, the number and quality of advertising channels has also significantly decreased and moved online. Consequently, YouTube has become an important and one of the most compelling marketing channels. Literally, games and YouTube is a perfect match.

Online education
The third important area that can be effectively hosted on YouTube is online education. This market began to develop actively even before the coronavirus. Colleges and universities have moved online. Looking at the numbers, there is no reason not to believe this prediction. In the App Store, the Education category in 2020 became the third most popular after games and business applications, accounting for almost 9% of all downloads. And on Google Play, education turned out to be the second most popular category.

YouTube is a great field to experiment, reach new target audiences, and test your product. YouTube will continue to grow, which means more and more brands will include influencer marketing in their ad budgets.

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